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Hi All n welcome to my world of joy n happening

So, wat are u dng now a days?... havnt seen u around...!!!
nice to c ya... so lets talk


Thursday, February 13, 2014


Its 1:45 mins midnight, and i was going through some of the posts which i wrote few years back....!!

Wat a lovely journey it was & it is now, days changed, places changed & an unexpected change (my job). Everything is passing by very swift & everything past has a memory some are sweet some are touching sad.

But, this blog again bought me a fresh breathe, which i was longing for. hope i stay active on this blog this time.

Lotta things to say, lost many things close.... i hope i would find my peace and smile very soon..... lagging for them.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

World on Run!!!

Hey All..!!

Has been months since I have published something, got busy with work so badly that I never had time for a breather. Now finally back to my BLOG, feeling so refreshed & happening.
So far so fine, things have been running smoothly so far, Life’s twists & turns have taken a pause in my life. Post my NEPAL trip I couldn’t publish the pics couldn’t say things out… trip was all fine as expected had a good time with people around me but sadly missed the Bungee jump due to late booking by us. Have to tell you about “NEPAL”
Beautiful!! Beautiful country which can be called as Elysium & Utopia, It’s a place where you can plan to live peacefully after retirement. Best place to be in Nepal is “Pokhra” were you see all the beauty with paragliding as a major attraction.
Coming back to work, Hyderabad has always been the best place to work with all friends & family around but, as we have opened our company branch over here & have been investing very big time here so work load has been climbing up day on day. Everyday have to RUN between Work & Office trying it maintain a balance between them, but finally I can say I have become a Rocket man!! Ohhhh hope I would cope with work & come out strong…. C all soon!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Delhi (ma) Life... Zindagi milegi na 2bara...!!! but i wish to get bck

Hi coming live after long time,

Days have past like a flash but never i have dream't about how dis would go & never i have expected things would go so Be@uTifUL.

starting whr i hav left, ma fri was retained bck in IHO & am a happy person again. and ma pack received was a intriguing 1 which i cant even realize till date. Hope fully i expect it is gud not so gud in (SS's) voice frame, still to go long as i have got love invested... (don't think so deep into ma love)

As days passed by, after Aetna Intl. bought out ma company things went smooth n smooth n smooth but there was a point wen things started to change and i.e., wen proletariat's came in. Till date lotta changes happened, ppl have been jumping up n down on all levels which is causing an unrest but still one thing never changed that is!! MY LOVE FOR...

Will!! we can never fill up some left out gaps, life has turned so complicated & so facile which lured me more into it to decipher or make it more cumbersome.

Delhi has been an unending journey for me, Clg has been a learning to Delhi jargon's its life style...
When i have been new to this place i once asked ma Fri who belongs to delhi " Delhi is a place of dil walle Right!!" as i heard the same in movies... &
she laughed at me saying " are you kidding " it literally shook ma trust coz i was so filmy to believe in the quote Delhi ppl are dil walle... den days passed i was still standing on the same thought... months passed still on the same thought... years passed still was on the same thought that Delhi is not sounding like 'Dilli'. But, interestingly den came the days i got attached to... than came the ppl who whr present prior but was not so attached.

Suman, Ridham, Tarannum... i dont like to mention their names but i can't complete a sentence without them.

As said Delhi was a diff journey all together it kept me running for every single thing i asked for... Studies, Friends, Love... if i don't run i obviously lost the race & it was proved for 1 case.

I dont wanna divide things into so many paragraphs but i cant combine all of ma thoughts in one para. Da same goes to life every person in ma life has a special position for themselves which one can never understand or estimate.

If u leave me so i would surely write a Book on ma IHO's life in last 3 months, anyways Delhi has been the best for me in ma last 3 months where i entered, sales than came the challenges then came solutions & last but not the least MY "FRIENDS"...
Once this 3rd thing came in 'Delhi' which sounded so torpid started to come alive, every day was so refreshing, different and luvly which even caused me to alter ma daily routine... and i already said it..
we had a great time which i can never forget in life calling it so "SPECIAL"

And best part is, I have started calling Delhi as "Dil-li"

would surely reveal more of ma corners very soon... luv u!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Donno wats in the pack for me

Hi All,

Today one of my good fri my office mate has quit the job, the kind of dissatisfaction he was bought by my employer is like really sad. lets see how things would go...
but, i never expected this from my office i always had a gud impression for my office, but they are proving me wrong and changing the things to doubtful.

Bad day that i hardly have any frenz in ma daftar...


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Big things Unrevealed excited... but is it to me

Hi Frenz,

Things are going good have got some gud news on desk, my company has bought something interesting news for me but dont knw hw useful it would be to me... expecting something gud. have to wait more 3 weeks for things to unreveal donno "wats in box for me".
Other then this exciting thing my life is all routine with some fun & a lot of travelling

will get back to you all soon and continue the sad story i have to share with you all...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Work n Role

Hi all,

Has been very long since I have come on blogging so why couldn't post anything,I was busy with some other thing more important which have to be forgotten ( will be saying about it in my next post, some nite bcoz it is the apt time ). My work has been changed to not so called hectic but named to be hectic work, this particular designation is called as "Manager". Am an Asst Manager but at this center DSA am called as the client manager, so my work is non but, i am doing a lotta things which doesn't as work.

I can keep on telling stories about my work here but, it has been a long time since i have posted some thing online in this mean time i have traveled back to Hyderabad to manage a set up and it was not so successful so am back in Delhi working on the same processes as the so called busy position "Client Manager" ;-)

Days have been going so hard bcoz of the things i hav gone through in hyd, lot to be spoken on these will get back to u ppl on this sad version story "which has peeled my soul to fit into life of ugliness".

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Days do change


Now in hyd, having gud time... kani now the prob is about my ideas n views towards issues...

so have to make dem realise... about my thoughts...

wen ever i post something on to my FB about my views about T-issue... my frnz frm other region are getting sad r upset... but i never said some thing wrong kada...

itz wat they hav done itz wat i hav showed... den y do ppl dnt like o believe it... so sad...